• Dolph Kessler

  • Harm-Jan Boven

  • Tryntsje Nauta

Harm-Jan Boven, Dolph Kessler, Tryntsje Nauta

Harm-Jan Boven practices photography from pure, direct perception. No technical interventions or digital manipulation come into play.

Dolph Kessler is a documentary photographer. His autonomous work is not intended to be a record; the image is central, not the subject.

Tryntsje Nauta does series of portraits of people whose social identity is subject to change through their growing up and becoming older.

Galerie Smarius/Steven Sterk
Hellingbaas 1
8401 JH Gorredijk
0561 499566 / 06 10595904

period: 5 sept  t/m 10 okt
open: Thursday through Sunday 13.00 - 18.00