• Mijke Bos

  • Irene Cécile

  • Marijke van Ruiten

Marijke van Ruiten, Irene Cécile, Mijke Bos

Marijke van Ruiten, The latest photograph

Marijke van Ruiten approached writers, journalists and photographers, asking them for their interpretation of a photograph. Both these views and the personal account by the photographer will be seen at the exhibition.

Together with Gitte Brugman, Marijke van Ruiten collected two photo series in the publication 1-1. This paper is available during the Noorderlicht Photofestival.

Irene Cécile, If you look good, they're everywhere – guide to a more playful life

Of course there is nothing wrong with usefulness, responsibility, ambition and hard work. But sometimes it is just too much. You don't see the point any more, you just wish everything was simpler. In 'If you look good, they're everywhere – guide to a more playful life' Irene Cécile shows you how that can be done.

Mijke Bos, Hello!

During her travels in other countries Mijke Bos came into contact with various cultures. Now she is seeking them closer to home. By doing portraits of residents with historic Dutch head-wear, she plays with the theme of culture and identity.

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