• Gitte Brugman

  • Joop Gutman

Joop Gutman, Gitte Brugman - The patience of Gutman, Landscape

Joop Gutman, The patience of Gutman

For more than fifty years the amateur photographer Joop Gutman has studied and photographed the world around him with precision and patience, on his travels, in his new fatherland of Australia, and back in The Netherlands. His black and white photographs bear witness to his eye for composition and detail.

Gitte Brugman, Landscape

From the landscapes that she photographs, Gitte Brugman lifts elements that reinforce the first image. She inserts exclamation marks, as it were, in terms of both content and design.

Croissanterie Vittorio
Voorstreek 29 Leeuwarden
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period: 4 Sept through 31 Oct (Gutman in Sept and Brugman in Oct)
opening: 3 Sept 15:30
open: Mon through Sat 10:00-18:00, Thurs 18:00-20:00