• Jan Mollema

  • Tim S. Trembla

  • Ivo Keers

Fotoclub Leeuwarden - The Quest

Tim S. Trebla, Albert Smit, Margreet van Vossen, Jitty Koning, Nico Pakvis, Pietrix Runia, Ivo Keers, Auke Wiersma, Jan Mollema

During Noorderlicht there will be changing exhibitions by the Leeuwarden Photography Club in several of the display windows on the Tuinen. Albert Smit starts thing off with photographs that visualise the surrealistic fantasies of his somewhat louche alter ego Tim S. Trebla. He will then be followed by other members with photographs on diverse themes.

Show windows on the Tuinen
De Tuinen 3 Leeuwarden

period: 4 Sept through 31 Oct
open: always

Three large display windows to be seen directly from the pavement.