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Press Release Datum: 24-03-2016
Noorderlicht Photofestival leaves September
Noorderlicht Photofestival 2016 / 
22 May
3 July

For nearly 25 years, Noorderlicht has organised its world-renowned Photofestival in September. Though unique in this at the time, in 1991, this tradition has since found a wide following. It is now difficult to imagine a city without a photography festival in this autumn month.

Noorderlicht appreciates that a year has twelve months, and grants the photography-loving public the chance to visit as many photography festivals as possible. Noorderlicht has therefore decided that the month of September is no longer sacrosanct, and that with immediate effect it will set its own festival at different times throughout the year. The upcoming, Frisian, edition will take place from 22 May – 3 July in Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen. Noorderlicht trusts this will serve both its associate festivals and the visiting public well and is currently busy organising its forthcoming Photofestival.

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2016: ARENA

We live in a time when our global culture has subordinated nature: it has become almost impossible to experience unspoilt land. With the exhibition ARENA, which is central to Noorderlicht 2016 and forms the first part of a long-term project series, Noorderlicht casts a forensic look at the traces left behind in the landscape. The central question being: what remains once humanity and its thirst for action have left the stage, in search of ever greener pastu

Each time man uses the landscape as a place for living, working, recreation and extraction, he fundamentally changes the landscape. Each economical utilization adds a new ‘layer’ to the landscape. The stories of humans therefore pile up in the landscape like a kind of sediment. Often clearly perceptible; sometimes only visible with a specially-focused gaze; in other cases, only after in-depth research - literally and figuratively.

It is these stories, this archaeological gaze on and under the skin of the landscape, that Noorderlicht wants to show in ARENA. At the same time, ARENA offers space to photographic series that examine this choice between economy and sustainability.

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