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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Abbey Hepner


Abbey Hepner wonders what the future has in store for us as technology infiltrates our lives on more and more levels. Using special computer vision software, a technology concerned with the automatic analysis and understanding of images, she researches how artificial intelligence interprets a series of brain scans. In OPTOGENETIC CYBERNETIC TRANSLATIONS, she places each brain scan next to the translation given by artificial intelligence. The result is a series of metaphors balancing between cognition and a world full of beautiful, or potentially frightening, phenomena. She created the work in collaboration with Mike Avery, a researcher in optogenetics, a technology that manipulates neurons in the brain using light. The work is presented in the form of lenticular 3D prints, which are interpreted differently by the viewer from each angle of view.


Abbey Hepner (United States, 1983) studied Art and Psychology at the University of Utah, and gained a Master’s degree in Studio Art at the University of New Mexico. She makes photographs, videos and installations, and works as a curator. Hepner furthermore teaches photography at the University of Colorado and the University of New Mexico.