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De Faun | CLOSED

De Faun | CLOSED

Alberto Giuliani


In SURVIVING HUMANITY, Alberto Giuliani examines the future of humanity. From the effects of climate change and changes in what it means to be human – be it in the form of clones, robots or supercomputers – to mass immigration and war. Regardless of what may come, experts agree that huge challenges await us in the coming decades. We’ll probably even be confronted with the threat of extinction. In eight chapters, Giuliani explores the efforts of science to formulate an answer to this, in which he also portrays the men and women who are laden with the problems of our future.


Alberto Giuliani (Italy, 1975) is a photographer, journalist and filmmaker. He has been awarded various prizes for his photography work, including the Leica Award for reportage, the Canon Award and the Lensculture Award. He has published the photobooks Nextonothing and Malacarne – Married to the Mob, and founded the publishing agency LUZ in 2010.