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Alisa Resnik

One Another (2008-2015)

An endless night that stretches over Berlin and St. Petersburg, and penetrates into decrepit interiors in which people pass by or pose – that’s how you could view Alisa Resnik’s series ONE ANOTHER. She has been taking photographs of life and its reflection, fragility, grace and melancholy. The result is a succession of lonely people, with deformed faces, withered bodies, entwined in an embrace or alone. It is a troubled universe, shot in heavy colours, in which the viewer principally feels Resnik’s profound empathy for the protagonists and the places she has photographed.


Alisa Resnik (Soviet Union, 1976) moved with her parents to Berlin at the age of fourteen. She studied art history and philosophy and began taking photographs in 2008. She has followed workshops with Antoine d’Agata, Anders Petersen and Giorgia Fiorio. Her series ONE ANOTHER appeared in book form in 2013.