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Data Rush

Data Rush

Andrew Hammerand

The New Town (United States, 2013)

In order to portray the construction of a new community, the project developer installed a camera on top of an antenna for mobile phones; the images of which were made public. It is just one example of the many non-secured devices which actively and haphazardly pump information onto the Internet. For his series THE NEW TOWN, Andrew Hammerand uses images from this camera as though it were his own. Because he had full access to non-secured controls, he could point the camera himself, zoom in with it and focus. The result is a voyeuristic gaze on the village, a play with the visual language of surveillance, amateur footage and insinuation.


Andrew Hammerand (1986, United States) obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the Arizona State University and his Master’s degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Hammerand uses photography to examine the interfaces between technology, privacy and the American visual culture.