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Data Rush

Data Rush

Arantxa Gonlag

Data Diary (2014-2015)

Dutch-born Arantxa Gonlag went in search of the physical locations of her digital data. Her quest brought her, amongst other places, to beaches where intercontinental Internet cables reach the shores, and to the almost invisible data centres of Facebook and other Internet giants. At the same time, Gonlag endeavours to obtain an answer to her questions concerning our digital identity and the importance of privacy. Who has control over this, and how secure is that control? Her diary in text and image, DATA DIARY, is a tangible reflection on her search in a virtual world.


Arantxa Gonlag (Netherlands, 1989) studied Multimedia Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Digital Photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy, and is currently doing her Master’s degree at the Piet Zwart Institute, also in Rotterdam. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.