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Data Rush

Data Rush

Bas Losekoot

In Company of Strangers (2014)

Internet access from our mobile phones is a veritable revolution. Having all possible knowledge in the world within hand’s reach at all times, however, has also changed our bodily experience and social behaviour in the city. Whilst walking on the street, we may be physically present, but mentally absent. In Hong Kong, Bas Losekoot witnessed the way in which people on the street use their phones as masks, resulting in dismal shields of indifference. Paradoxically, the smartphone thus seems to disconnect us from one another and from reality. Hong Kong is one of eight megacities in the world which Losekoot is visiting for his work in progress, IN COMPANY OF STRANGERS.


Bas Losekoot (Netherlands, 1979) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He specialises in portrait and documentary photography. His clients include de Volkskrant, Warner Brothers, ABN Amro Private Banking and Getty Images, among others. He won third prize at the Zilveren Camera in 2011.