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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Bela Doka

The Sundays Of Life

How do you photograph those moments which, although not dramatic or spectacular and moving, are nonetheless at the heart of our enjoyment of life? Bela Doka found the answer in and around the rural home of his girlfriend’s family. This is a world of sunny luncheon tables, a reinvigorating swim in the river, wandering through open fields, and activities that are entirely unconnected with deadlines and production schedules.

  • Juci with Colza Flowers


  • Relaxing


  • Bence’s Bath



Bela Doka (Hungary, 1969) has shown his work in venues including Paris Photo and PHotoEspaña. He won the Hungarian press photography prize three times, and was a finalist for a Sony World Photography Award and the London Street Photography Awards. His book The Sundays of Life appeared in 2010. 


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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