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IN VIVO | the nature of nature

IN VIVO | the nature of nature

Christine Simpson

Everything’s (Dis)connected (2012-2018)

In EVERYTHING’S (DIS)CONNECTED, Christine Simpson juxtaposes the beauty of all that lives with signs of a disintegrating world. In doing so, she shows the essence of the Anthropocene, an era in which the climate and atmosphere are affected by the consequences of human activity. In her digitally manipulated collages, she places natural and unnatural worlds next to each other, using the primordial element of water as a means to convey the disastrous effects of rising sea levels, pollution and melting ice caps. Thus, revealing how the intrinsic, natural rhythm in which ecosystems reproduce and renew themselves, is disturbed by human activity. The work shows our failure to take responsibility for the planet that we are so dependent on.


Christine Simpson (United Kingdom, 1958) is an artist and curator. Her work has been exhibited in Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom and New York. She has curated exhibitions on various social themes in New York, Dublin, London and Siena. Simpson has lived in Ireland since 1989, where she worked as a photography tutor, and currently at the Bachelor courses of Design, Communication and Art at the Waterford Institute of Technology.