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Data Rush

Data Rush

Christopher Baker

Hello World! OHow I Learned To Stop Listening and Love The Noise (2009)

New media such as YouTube have made it possible, at an almost alarming rate, for people to express themselves. The promise of contemporary, democratic, participative media fits seamlessly with the human desire for attention. However, no new technologies have emerged that enable us to listen to all these new public speakers. The installation HELLO WORLD! by Christopher Baker shows how thousands of people are able to address a potential public of billions – alone, and from their kitchen, bedroom or other private retreat. Are they heard, or is their voice lost in a cacophony of other voices?


Christopher Baker (United States, 1979) studied Experimental and Media Art at the University of Minnesota. In his work, he focuses on the extensive collection of social, technological and ideological networks available in cities. Baker works as a university lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.