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IN VIVO | the nature of nature

IN VIVO | the nature of nature

Dana Fritz

Terraria Gigantica: The World Under Glass (2007-2011)

The photographs shown in TERRARIA GIGANTICA: THE WORLD UNDER GLASS were made in Biosphere II. It is one of the world’s largest indoor landscapes where plants are grown in carefully imitated ecosystems, for the entertainment and education of tourists and to support scientific research. Biosphere II was designed in the eighties as an airtight replica of the earth, for the purposes of research into space colonisation – Biosphere I is our earth itself. The experiment failed and the venue is now used for research and education on sustainability. These and other architectural and engineering wonders, with ecosystems that would be impossible to exist elsewhere, are symbols of our complex relationship with the natural world. Fritz invites the viewer to think about our responsibilities and our ecological future.


In her photography, Dana Fritz (United States, 1970) researches the way in which we shape the world and display it in cultivated and constructed landscapes. She is a professor at the School of Art, Art History & Design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her work has been widely exhibited in the United States, Japan and China. TERRARIA GIGANTICA: THE WORLD UNDER GLASS was published as a book in 2017.