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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Dana Matthews

One Farm, One Decade

In the 1980s hundreds of farms in Delaware County, in the American state of Pennsylvania, were abandoned. In the past decade, however, under the influence of interest in small scale food production, the area has seen an influx of a new generation of farmers. They are implementing new ideas and sustainable methods for the production of organic foodstuffs, often operating on the border of economic survival. In her series One Farm, One Decade Dana Matthews follows the activity on Richard Giles's Lucky Dog Farm in the Catskills Mountains, where both of them live; Giles came there to farm and write, Matthews left Brooklyn in search for a place where she could create. Although he has been producing food for regional farmer's markets for a decade, his future looks anything but rosy: floods and droughts caused by climate change, and the constant threat of the shortage of sufficient clean drinking water, throw a spanner in the works for farmers like Giles.