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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Dornith Doherty

Archiving Eden (2008-ongoing)

Dornith Doherty has been working together with prominent botanists from the seed banks of the American Department of Agriculture and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, since 2008. In a time of climate change and declining biodiversity, these banks play an important role in guaranteeing genetic diversity. Doherty uses the institutions’ x-ray equipment to record seed and tissue samples. She makes collages with the images she acquires, which are an ode to the power of nature and pose poetic questions about the essence of life and time.

  • Corn Diversity


  • Husk Corn (Landrace)

  • Sunflowers



Dornith Doherty (United States, 1957) studied photography  at Yale University. She has received grants from the Fulbright Foundation, the Japan Foundation and the American Department of the Interior. At present she is Professor of Photography at the University of North Texas. As a Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation she is receiving support toward the completion of the project ARCHIVING EDEN.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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