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Data Rush

Data Rush

Doug Rickard

N.A. (2011-2014)

For three years Doug Rickard immersed himself in YouTube films uploaded by Americans with a smartphone. As we gather clicks and likes, the line between private and public blurs, revealing the extent to which the digital image is highly loaded with subtext. A dark and dynamic portrait of America’s underbelly emerges, in which themes such as race, politics, technology, surveillance and the ever-present cameras on mobile phones predominate. The gaze of the voyeur fuses with that of the predator. For his series N.A. – an abbreviation of national anthem – Rickard, with the camera on a tripod in front of his screen, literally worked as a photographer hunting for disruptive moments in the world of YouTube’s collective consciousness. 


Doug Rickard (United States 1968) studied History and Sociology at the University of California in San Diego. He is the founder of americansuburbx.com and theseamericans.com, sites for essays concerning contemporary photography and historical photographic archives. His series N.A. appeared in book form in 2014.