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Making Oneself

Making Oneself

Dow Wasiksiri

Street Fashion (2014-2015)

In the STREET FASHIONseries, Thai photographer Dow Wasiksirimimics the 19th century open-air photo booth, practised by amateur and itinerant photographers when they charted the unfamiliar colonial territories to classify unknown ‘racial types’. They utilised flat and neutral backdrops to highlight details of the sitter’s physical appearance as well as to isolate them from their immediate surroundings. Wasiksiri re-contextualises such practise by using colourful and patterned backdrops (which he sources from the local area) to embrace his subjects’ personas rather than to single them out of their context. Furthermore, he did not crop the portraits at the edges of the backdrop, allowing the sitters and helpers to exist side-by-side. His portraits are a raw presentation of his sitters’ everyday lives with its accompanying fluidity and triviality.


Dow Wasiksiri (Thailand, 1956) completed his secondary education in Wellington, New Zealand and moved to California to study film, photography, radio and television broadcasting. After returning to Thailand in the early 1980s, he began his photographic career working for leading Thai fashion magazines. Since founding the studio PERSONA in 1983, Wasiksiri has been one of Thailand’s most sought after commercial photographers with commissions taking him all around the world. His most recent exhibition was in Foto Freo 2008: The City of Fremantle Festival of Photo Exhibitions Kulcha, Fremantle Western Australia and Photoquai 2013 in Paris.