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IN VIVO | extended

IN VIVO | extended

Hans Bol

God’s Allies (1996-2018)

Bol became fascinated by the playful, intelligent and ever-alert ravens and crows. He has been photographing them for over twenty years. Their black, menacing appearance can evoke fear, even associations with death. Yet in some cultures they are symbols of good luck. Ravens and crows were already admired in antiquity and even worshipped. The story goes that the ruler of the gods Odin sent his two ravens Hugin (‘thought’) and Munin (‘memory’) down to earth to take a critical look at humans. The rhythm in the photographs of Hans Bol – often considerably enlarged, coarse-grained cut outs – depicts how these birds descend on earth and take off again, back to the gods. ‘God’s Allies’ was published as a photobook in 2018.


Hans Bol (Netherlands, 1957) has been working as a printer in the darkroom of the Netherlands Photo Museum in Rotterdam since 1995. He has also worked on various landscape projects as a photographer. Books that he has published himself, through his publishing company Recto Verso Publications, were named among the ‘best designed books’ of 2011 and 2016.