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Data Rush

Data Rush

Hasan Elahi

Thousand Little Brothers v2 (2015)

After a six-month FBI investigation in which he was mistakenly identified as a terrorist, Hasan Elahi decided to help the FBI by monitoring himself voluntarily. Elahi is for complete transparency and wanted, by his own account, to be certain that the FBI knows he’s not making any ‘sudden movements’. Moreover, Elahi says he can keep a better and more detailed eye on himself than the FBI. His car surveillance project has resulted over the past ten years in no less than seventy thousand photographs. Elahi trusts that the FBI has seen them all.


Hasan Elahi (Bangladesh, 1972) studied at the University of Pennsylvania and the school of art in Bloomsfield Hills. His interdisciplinary work focuses on themes such as surveillance, citizenship, migration, transport and borders. Elahi has exhibited his work in South Africa, the United States, Brazil and Europe, among other places.