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Helio Léon

The Purple Room (2012)

For Helio Léon, the boundary between life, dreams and imagination is thin. He keeps coming across situations in which he is reminded of people and moments that have influenced his youth. This wasn’t any different when he returned to Istanbul for his series THE PURPLE ROOM, the city in which he spent a happy and romantic period of his life some five years ago. All of the photographs taken in the Turkish metropolis are reflections of his own life, says Léon. He came back to a city that is still being destroyed at a rapid pace. The wounds of the city seemed to mirror his own wounds: his anxieties, obsessions, mourning and intimacy.


Helio Léon (Spain, 1987) obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Visual Art at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in the Spanish city of Cuenca. He has received the Cork Photo Grant this year for his work, and he was nominated for the Gomma Photography Grant 2014. His photographs haven previously been shown in exhibitions across Europe and the United States. Helio Léon lives and works in Cork, Ireland.