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Henk Wildschut


Just like the rest of the world, the Netherlands is highly dependent on the use of phosphate in food production: it is one of the three most important ingredients in fertiliser and a primary component of animal feed. Apart from in Morocco, which has the world’s largest phosphate reserves, this mineral can only be found in several other countries – and supplies are running out worldwide.  For his series PHOSPHATE, Henk Wildschut photographed phosphate mines in Morocco together with photographs of the fruits of phosphate-use in the Netherlands. In doing so, Wildschut symbolises the relationship (of dependency) between both countries.


Henk Wildschut (Netherlands, 1967) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Sydney, Shanghai and London. Aside from his long-running projects, including those about dock workers and illegal immigrants, Wildschut photographs in commission for numerous Dutch magazines and advertising agencies.