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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Henrik Isaksson Garnell

Unplugged 2.0 (2009-2010)

For UN-PLUGGED 2.0 Henrik Isaksson Garnell constructed creatures from natural and man-made elements. He combined bones, teeth, plants and other organic materials with iron wire, lamps, and other human ephemera. Once they were completed the artist photographed them in large format, against a black background. The surrealistic result appears to have arisen in the mind of someone from another planet.

  • Phase 3 Squid

  • Bionic Moose

  • Black Box


Henrik Isaksson Garnell (Sweden, 1987) took the Kulturama Higher Photography Education course in Stockholm. In his still short career the unconventional and experimental photographer has had solo exhibitions in Berlin, Istanbul and Stockholm, the city where he lives and works. He describes himself as ‘part artist, part mad scientist’.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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