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Ilias Georgiadis

Over|State (2012 - present)

With his work in progress OVER|STATE, Ilias Georgiadis fights his demons: loneliness, squabbles in relationships, excessive alcohol and drugs use, and self-destructive behaviour in general. He views the distance we keep to others as a living organism, fed by our fears, which we struggle with in a search for love and empathy. Georgiadis uses his camera to observe this instinctive urge – his urge – for isolation and his desire for the fringes of society. In doing so, he hopes to establish a connection between light and dark, as he on occasion works his way through the darkness with his cutting flash.


Ilias Georgiadis (Greece, 1990) began to experiment with photography at the age of nineteen and stopped studying in 2011 to yield to his obsession with photography. In his as yet short career, he has gained experience as an independent photographer, curator and publisher of the online photography magazine Coil.