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Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Irina Rozovsky

In Plain Air

When it was designed in 1867 Prospect Park, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, was the first American public park, accessible for all social classes. In her long-running project IN PLAIN AIR Irina Rozovsky photographs the park so that the surrounding city is no longer visible. She underscores the function of the park as an oasis of peace in hectic urban life, a place where people, albeit for only a short time, can come in contact with nature and can experience private, transcendent moments.

  • Muslim Fisherwomen

  • Man In Bush


Irina Rozovski (Soviet Union, 1981), now American, graduated cum laude in French and Spanish literature at Tufts University, Massachusetts, and took her Master of Fine Arts in photography at  Massachusetts College of Arts. She has frequently taught at American universities and the International Center of Photography in New York, and published several photo books, including the monograph One to Nothing (2011).