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Data Rush

Data Rush

Ivar Veermäe

Center of Doubt (2015)

In his long-running project CENTER OF DOUBT, Ivar Veermaë visualises and examines the (in)visibility of infrastructure and representation of computer networks. With the aid of two lines of approach, he gains an insight into the complicated and opaque character of data centres and (tele)communication technologies. On the one hand, his project researches the local materiality of, and the struggle surrounding the infrastructure of cloud computing, which Veermäe sees as a turning point on the path towards a new Internet era. On the other hand, it offers an alternative visual representation for the themes connected with information technology and which usually get bogged down in cloudy rhetoric, like science fiction images in adverts or displaced military jargon. 


Born and bred Estonian Ivar Veermäe (Soviet Union, 1982) studied Graphic Design and Photography in Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, and Spatial Strategies at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin. His work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Australia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Ivar Veermaë lives and works in Berlin.