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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Jaakko Kahilaniemi


Jaakko Kahilaniemi attempts to grasp the hundred hectares of woods in his possession. For a long time he was indifferent to the plot of land, but recent explorations in the woods and in the world of forestry have stirred his interest in his unknown estate. In 100 HECTARES OF UNDERSTANDING, Kahilaniemi studies what nature has to offer the urbanised human and creates new ways to feel and experience the woods, to become familiar with the unknown. The result is a mixture of different types of photographs that collectively suggest a greater visual identity. Kahilaniemi’s photographs are testaments, traces of his desire for understanding and awareness.
Courtesy of Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, Germany 


Jaakko Kahilaniemi (Finland, 1989) gained his Bachelor’s degree in Photography at the Turku Arts Academy, and is currently completing his Master’s degree in Photography at the Aalto University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. Outside of Finland, his work has been exhibited since 2011 in Germany, France, Croatia and the United Kingdom. This year he won the Majaoja Prize.