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Data Rush

Data Rush

James Bridle

Seamless Transitions (2014)

In his installation SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS, James Bridle shows that which must not be seen: the assessment, detention and deportation of refugees in Great Britain. He used techniques stemming from investigative journalism, eyewitness accounts and other research to form a picture of each of these links in the refugee chain. Using this research as a basis, Picture Plane, a company that visually brings to life the designs of architects, has created a film in which the viewer can walk through spaces that would normally remain hidden behind legislation and indifference.


James Bridle (Great Britain, 1980) is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist who works at the interface between literature, culture and technology. His work has been exhibited around the world and has received the Excellence Award by the Japan Media Arts Festival, the Graphics Award by the Design Museum in London, and has been nominated for the Future Generation Art Prize. To cover the increasing presence of the visual language of digital techniques in the physical world, Bridle has coined the now widespread term New Aesthetic.