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Data Rush

Data Rush

Jennifer Lyn Morone

Jennifer Lyn MoroneTM Inc (2014 - ongoing)

Jennifer Morone is one step ahead in the unavoidable next stage of capitalism: she hasn’t set up a company, she has become one, and has registered herself as such in the American State of Delaware. Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc has developed a model to capitalise on her health, inheritance, personality, opportunities, experience, potential, and good and bad sides. With the verdict of the American Supreme Court that ‘companies are people’ as inspiration, she wanted to ascertain the price of an individual. Even though she wants to have control over her own data, it is still impossible to stop third party apps from collecting her data. Ironically, Morone’s extreme capitalist project offers the individual precisely the opportunity to regain some control over his own personal data.


Jennifer Morone (United States, 1979) studied at the Royal College of Art in London. The project in which she became a company herself began as a graduation project following the assignment to ‘design a protest’. Jennifer Morone lives and works in London.