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Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Jonathan Groeneweg

The Nature of Urbanity (2012)

The garden is a metaphor for the ways in which people have freed themselves from the wilderness and began shaping the world around them according to their own insights. With his aerial photos of gardens – mathematical and controlled at a macro level, but no less chaotic at the level of the foliage – Jonathan Groeneweg touches on long-running discussions about the landscape and urban development. Our changing perception of nature has direct influence on the way in which we see ourselves, and the ways in which we deal with nature.

  • Bleecker Street CO-OP Garden, 2011

    (Linear Photo-Panoramic, Composite 10 Images)


Jonathan Groeneweg (Canada, 1984) took his Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude in 2006 at the University of Calgary, and his Masters in Documentary Media at Ryerson University in 2012. As a photographer and as curator he was responsible for a trio of exhibitions in Toronto in 2012. His dialectically coloured work transforms the traditional relation between image, format and the photographic frame.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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