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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Judy Natal

Future Perfect (Verenigde Staten en IJsland, 2007-2012)

The future perfect tense is used to describe events that have not yet occurred, but may confidently be expected to happen. In FUTURE PERFECT we see three locations where future ways of life and the choices that people will have to make are being anticipated. One is a piece of desert near Las Vegas where experiments with sustainable living are taking place, the second the artificial ecosystem Biosphere 2 at Oracle, Arizona and the third the geothermal landscapes in Island. From the accumulated images Natal composed several chapters. Starting in the year 2040, she goes back to 2010. Noorderlicht shows the 2040 chapter.

  • Rainbow Astro Turf

  • Yellow Metal Ball Planet


In her work Judy Natal (United States, 1953) focuses on the landscape and the ways in which interventions are made in it. She has published the books EarthWords (2004) and Neon Boneyard Las Vegas A-Z (2006), and has been artist in residence at Biosphere 2. Presently Natal is professor of photography at Columbia College, Chicago. 


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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