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Karel Zwaneveld

Noord Nederlands Toneel, 2006

  • Noord Nederlands Toneel, 2006

  • NND/Galili Dance

    Head or Tales, 2007

  • Noord Nederlandse Dans

    Sugar Water, 2009

  • Shaker Loops, 2005


Karel Zwaneveld (b. Groningen, 1949) already knew at the age of ten that he wanted to become a photographer. He graduated cum laude from the professional photography school in The Hague. After that he returned to Groningen, the place from which he preferred to work. In 1972 he began as a freelancer. As a sports and news photographer he performed assignments for the ANP, Algemeen Dagblad, Reuters, NRC Handelsblad and Hollandse Hoogte agency, among others. Zwaneveld has always been pioneering in the application of new digital technologies and was one of the first photographers who almost always worked in colour.  In 1994 he joined forces with Noord Nederlands Toneel. There he found all the space he needed to further develop his intuitive way of working. It proved to be the beginning of a new phase in his career.

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