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Data Rush

Data Rush

Kurt Caviezel

Animals. Bird/Insect (2000 – 2015)

For fifteen years, Kurt Caviezel has been scouring webcams in public and private spaces. From the endless stream of stills, he selects photographs with razor-sharp intuition that cover every aspect of life. His archive, accumulated by clicking his mouse, now consists of over three million images. In doing so, he has created an album of the globalised world, without ever having been to the places where the webcams are installed.


Kurt Caviezel (Switzerland, 1964) lives and works as an independent artist in Zürich, Switzerland. His work was awarded the Manor Art Prize in 2002, and he won the Award of the UBS Culture Foundation in 2010. Kurt Caviezel has published the photobooks Red Light (2000) and Points of View (2002). His book The Encyclopedia of Kurt Caviezel was published in 2014, on the occasion of his exhibition at the Italian Galerie Foto-Forum.