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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Liam Young


Liam Young presents the world’s first narrative science fiction film which is entirely shot with the laser scanner technology also used for the navigation in driverless cars. WHERE THE CITY CAN’T SEE follows a group of young factory workers who spend the night cruising through a near-future Detroit in a self-driving taxi. They are looking for a rave party in a derelict factory, a place they’ve heard of, but is not recognised by the taxi. The viewer sees the story through the eyes of the robots that manage the city. The workers are part of an underground community that has developed new ways of digital camouflaging to escape the city’s surveillance system. In this way, they hack the city, in search of wilderness beyond the machine. DJ Stingray, who formerly toured with the electronic band Drexciya from Detroit, has created the soundtrack.


Liam Young (Australia, 1979) is a director and architect. He is the founder of the think tank for the future of the city Tomorrows Thoughts Today, and is the co-author of the book series Unknown Fields: Tales From the Dark Side of the City. He is affiliated with the Architectural Association in London, and head of the Master’s degree in Fiction and Entertainment at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.