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An Ocean of Possibilities

An Ocean of Possibilities

Lioba Keuck

Couve e Coragem

In Lisbon, 80 hectare of vacant land has been occupied by the city's citizens and is used for kitchen gardening. The urbanites are not doing that out of idealism or to make a political statement, but out of sheer necessity: as a result of poverty, it is one of the few ways to obtain food, or to generate their own income through the sale of produce from the land. For her series Couve e Coragem ('cool and courageous'), for two years Lioba Keuck followed the people who cultivate plots of land between busy arterial roads and apartment buildings. Many, originating mostly from the former Portuguese colonies, had once left their home in hope of a better life in the city. Now that this hope has vanished, and the social safety nets have fallen away due to the crisis, their vegetable garden is their only ally in the struggle for a dignified life.


Lioba Keuck (West Germany, 1983) studied at the art academye in Münster. Her graduation project at the art academy in Lisbon was her series Couve e Coragem, for which she also produced a magazine. Keuck works as a freelance photographer for periodicals and non-profit organizations, and as a radio journalist.