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Data Rush

Data Rush

Lori Hepner

Status Symbols: A Study in Tweets (2009-2012)

Textual updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook make it possible to create virtual personas that differ greatly from the physical reality. In her series STATUS SYMBOLS, Lori Hepner makes portraits based on updates on social media, using rotating LEDs. With the aid of specially developed soft- and hardware, the words are translated into flashes of light – the on and off of the binary code that forms the basis of digital communication. Each portrait represents a fleeting moment of identity, until the next update becomes a fact.


Lori Hepner (United States, 1981) works as an interdisciplinary artist, in particular with conceptual photography and photographic installations. She studied Digital Media at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work has been shown in the travelling exhibitions Flash Forward by the Magenta Foundation and at the14th International Lishui Photography Festival (organised by the PhotoEspaña Festival) in Lishui, China.