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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Luca Locatelli


CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the most advanced technological institutes in the world. Here, more than eleven thousand scientists from around the world carry out fundamental research into elementary particles. They use the largest and most complex scientific instruments that are built for this very purpose, to study the basic components of matter: the fundamental particles. The general image of CERN is one of a space station where scientists in sterile spaces are surrounded by incomprehensible technology with a high design aesthetic. However, in CERN AND THE ARTISANS OF THE UNIVERSE, Luca Locatelli captures how scientists, engineers and staff at CERN work together as though it were one large workshop, thus giving science a familiar, human appearance.


Luca Locatelli (Italy, 1973) works as a photographer for the National Geographic Magazine and regularly collaborates with magazines and digital platforms, such as The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek and Wired. His work has been shown in exhibitions around the world.