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IN VIVO | extended

IN VIVO | extended

Luuk Huiskes

Het verlangen naar een andere natuur (2013-2017)

The 'dark woods' where the spirit of another existence is said to rule, mainly exists in fairy tale books. In our western world, nature has long since been tamed, ordered and chopped down for agriculture and urbanisation. But that romantic image still holds great attraction for us. It is a fascination which, according to Huiskes, transcends the childlike imagination, stemming instead from an immense longing for an existence beyond our everyday, rigidly ordered lives. This work is a search for those places where something else happens, or seems to happen. The landscape becomes a fiction, the woods become a metaphysical experience. Perhaps even a fairy tale.


Luuk Huiskes (Netherlands, 1950) was the co-founder of Perspectief Rotterdam in 1980, and led the Stedelijke Fotografie Utrecht Foundation for 30 years. He has exhibited in many places across Europe, and his work is held in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.