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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Marcel Wesdorp

I Wish I Couldn’t Lie / Out of Nothing (2005-2012)

With the aid of digital techniques, topography, cartography and 3D software Marcel Wesdorp makes animated films and prints of digitally designed landscapes. They are the outcome of a lengthy process of calculation, and convey the sense of landscape by means of undulating hills. Because of the absence of people, animals or plants, but also because the green tints are converted into grey tones, we can imagine ourselves on the tundra or steppes – landscapes that accentuate the insignificance of man.

  • x3673.46, y792.01, z81.88


Marcel Wesdorp (Netherlands, 1965) studied at the Grafisch Lyceum and the Willem de Kooning Academy, both in Rotterdam, and took the post-graduate programme for photography at the St. Joost Academy for Art and Design in Breda. A central theme in Wesdorps’s work is his fascination with the way in which people experience time.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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