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IN VIVO | the nature of nature

IN VIVO | the nature of nature

Marvin Tang

Stateland (2015)

Singapore has a national identity as a ‘garden state’. With its many official green spaces, the city state distinguishes itself from neighbouring countries. Over the course of time, all kinds of ornamental and vegetable gardens have secretly been created in the dense urban forests of Singapore, as a silent protest against the imposed character of state-owned nature and the disappearance of natural places. With the thick foliage of the surrounding trees as camouflage, the existence of these gardens can only be gleaned from the people walking in and out of the forest with pots and plants. For STATELAND, Marvin Tang captured these mysterious gardens, while wondering how these cultivated patches of soil were created and what purpose they serve.


Marvin Tang (Singapore, 1989) obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and Digital Manipulation in Singapore, and a Master’s degree in Photography at the University of the Arts in London. In his photographs, he researches how the current landscape forms our identity and social habits. His work has been exhibited in Asia and Europe, and was awarded the CAPA Asia Portfolio Review Prize at the Singapore International Photography Festival 2016.