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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Meike Nixdorf

In the Orbit of El Teide

How much information – abstract or visual – can you gather about a subject from one point of view? That question was the point of departure for a series of photos of El Teide, the largest volcano on the island of Tenerife. Meike Nixdorf recorded the volcano from different angles, so that each image reveals new aspects of the same object. On the one hand, these images are like the pieces of a puzzle which form one whole; on the other, each image is autonomous.

  • El Teide, view # 15

  • El Teide, view # 6


Meike Nixdorf (West Germany, 1976) studied photography and video at the International Center of Photography in New York. Her work has been seen at the Darmstadt Fotofestival, FotoFest Houston and in the International Center of Photography, and has been acquired for the Joaquim Paiva Collection of the Museu de Arte Contemporânea in Rio de Janeiro.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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