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Munemasa Takahashi

Laying Stones (2015)

According to an old Japanese saying, a child who dies before his parents is punished by having to pile up stones that are repeatedly knocked over by an evil demon. Parents therefore ease their dead child’s suffering by also building towers themselves. After a good friend had taken his own life, Munemasa Takahashi went to ‘lay stones’, as it’s called in Japan. At the same time, he took photographs of flowers, plants and people’s bodies, all of which will come to an end in order to lead a new life in a different form. They are rituals to find closure to events that are irreversible, a path from darkness into the light.


Munemasa Takahashi (Japan, 1980) graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute in Tokyo in 2001. A year later he won the Superior Prize in the 11th Canon New Cosmos of Photography. Since the tsunami and earthquake hit Japan in 2011, Takahashi has been involved in the voluntary project Salvage Memory, which endeavours to return lost photographs to their rightful owners.