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Olaf Otto Becker

Reading the Landscape (2014)

In his book project READING THE LANDSCAPE, Olaf Otto Becker brings the global deforestation of primeval forests and the current reassessment of our understanding of nature up for debate. Becker shows the three states of nature in the jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia: intact, destroyed, and artificial. Within the space of a few decades man has destroyed jungles that have existed for millions of years, replacing them with monocultures, and creating an imaginary nature in megacities. Combined, Becker believes they form an unavoidable fatal ecological and economic process. The photographs of READING THE LANDSCAPE are testament to the changing landscapes that result from overpopulation and the uncontrolled deployment of the earth’s natural resources.


Olaf Otto Becker (West Germany, 1959) studied Communication, specialising in Photography and Philosophy. He has been awarded for his work several times, among which by the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis for his photobook Broken Line. Becker’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Turkey, Canada, and the United States.