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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk

Penelope Umbrico


Penelope Umbrico used Flickr, a website to share photos and videos, to research how the full moon is photographed and how these images are shared. Although expensive, specialised equipment is required to take a clear, sharp photograph of a full moon, Umbrico was astonished to find that Flickr had no less than 1,146,034 identical, technically accomplished photographs, many of which paradoxically come with a copyright label. In this way, Umbrico identifies the shifts in meaning and value that occur when the individual, subjective experience of witnessing and photographing is unmasked as a collective practice, which is placed in a completely new context here. Two parts of the work are presented: Everyone’s Moon 2015-11-04 14.22.59 is a video which scrolls through the moons at a rapid pace, and Screenshot 2015-11-04 14.22.59 is an eleven-metre-long print which accompanies this.


Penelope Umbrico (United States, 1957) studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work has been shown internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She has published several books, including Out of Order: Bad Display (2016) and Range (2014). Her work is held in museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the International Center of Photography, also in New York, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.