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De Faun | CLOSED

De Faun | CLOSED

Phil Hastings

MORPHOLOGY (2014-present)

In MORPHOLOGY, Phil Hastings creates new life forms that are inspired by scientific research that took place at the end of the nineteenth, beginning of the twentieth century. He refers to the historical act of collecting and cataloging the unknown world around us, in order to better understand our significance in the universe. The process he uses to create his beings is quite similar to genetic manipulation. He approaches raw video data at its most basic level – the pixel – and manipulates and transforms these until a new life emerges in which traces of the original can be found. It is a technological as well as a sensual process, which harks back to Hastings’ sculptural training. MORPHOLOGY consists of photographs and video.


Phil Hastings (United States, 1969) gained a Bachelor’s degree at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio in 1994. He gained a Master’s degree in Cinema at Southern Illinois University in 2005. Besides working as an artist and filmmaker, Hastings is also a senior university lecturer in Film & Video Arts at the SUNY Fredonia in New York State.