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Der Aa-kerk

Der Aa-kerk



The photographs in NOISES FROM THE SILENT LAND were taken in the old dioramas of the Biological Museum in Stockholm. The photographed viewing cabinets shelter the anthropocentric paradox, in which animals are our possessions and our responsibility. An artificial landscape with dead, stuffed animals, composed to nourish our love for all things living. By using the glitch technique, a stylistic device that plays with coincidental and consciously made errors in the digital image, Serinyà applies a distortion that makes the image just as flawed as the reality of that which is depicted. In doing so, he also sheds light on perception as an unconscious deed. By making the viewer aware of the social and physical constructions that we look through, the secrets of nature and technology, which are hidden in plain sight, are revealed.


Serinyà (Spain, 1974) studied Photography at the GrisArt International School of Photography in Barcelona, and Fine Art at the University of Barcelona. His work, photography as well as installations, has been shown in exhibitions in Sweden and Spain. Since 2006, Serinyà lives and works in Stockholm.