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Data Rush

Data Rush

Simon Høgsberg

The Grocery Store Project (2015)

On an April day in 2010, Simon Høgsberg sat by a supermarket entrance to take photographs of people approaching and walking away from him. He kept returning the following eighteen months, taking a total of around 97,000 shots. With the aid of basic facial recognition software, he was able to identify 1,100 faces. Many faces turned out to be the same – hundreds of people turned out to appear on several photographs spread out over a period of time. Høgsberg placed the photo sequences of 457 people into a matrix, providing insights into how they pass through one another’s lives. The result is a study into the way in which humanity consciously and unconsciously presents itself, and, at the same time, an artwork full of emerging and fading patterns.


Simon Høgsberg (Denmark, 1976) obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Photography at the School of Media in London. After graduating, he moved to Copenhagen to work as a freelance photographer.