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Terra Cognita - Untamed

Terra Cognita - Untamed

Sonja Braas

The Quiet of Dissolution (2005-2010)

The phenomenon of a natural disaster can not be viewed apart from the presence of people. The destructive forces inherent in nature are essential for the development and evolution of the landscape, while man has a vital interest in controlling nature and bending it to his will. The images of THE QUIET OF DISSOLUTION, staged by Braas in her studio, deal with this contradiction, placing culture and order over against nature and chaos.

  • Blizzard


Sonja Braas (West Germany, 1968) studied visual communication and other subjects at the Fachhochschule Dortmund, and (with the aid of a Fulbright grant) at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She lived by turns in Germany, Australia and the United States, and has been the recipient of awards including the Rheinhard Wolf Prize, the FOCUS Prize and the Kodak Prize for Young Artists.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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