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Data Rush

Data Rush

Sterling Crispin

Data Masks (2013-present)

With his three-dimensional, printed masks, Sterling Crispin examines the functioning of biometric surveillance technologies and the mathematical analysis of biological data. With the masks – shadows of people that have evolved from the algorithms of biometric recognition software – Crispin holds a mirror up to the software: he confronts the surveillance machine with his own fabrications. The masks are completely recognisable for the algorithms of facial recognition software, yet in our eyes they are deformed. At the same time, Crispin protests against the boom of surveillance technology and the manner in which people communicate with their ‘technological other half’, the globally active super organism comprising all machines and software.


Sterling Crispin (United States, 1985) was born in Hawaii and studied at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver and at the University of California in Santa Barbara. He regularly gives workshops and lectures on the relation between humans and technology. Crispin’s work has been shown in various group exhibitions, events and performances.